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Site Migration Complete!

Written by Chet King Ventures
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Here is my first blog entry on the new platform! Read my previous post to see some of the issues I worked through to get here. This post is a summarized version of how I moved my new version of Joomla into the root directory.

  1. Jupgrade created a new directory which I chose to call /new. It also upgraded from Joomla 1.5.xx to Joomla 2.5.x and migrated all my old files into the new version.
  2. I worked on the new version of my website until it suited me for relaunch while leaving my existing site intact at the root of the site.
  3. My 1and1 Dual Unlimited web hosting account allows SSHaccess, so I opened up PuTTY and worked from command line.
    1. First I used the mkdir command to creat a directory called /old(You can still find the remains of my site now "buried" under an offline page. If you have a user account, you can even "dig it up" to see what it was like.)
    2. Next I used the cp command to copy all those old files into /old.
      1. I made sure the old site still worked from that directory.
      2. I used the mv to rename the .htaccess file to a .txt file which disabled it.
    3. Then I used the rm -r command to delete all but two of the files and directories left on the root of the server, of course keeping /old and /new.
    4. Again I used the cp command to copy all the new files, this time to the root of my site.
    5. Finally I needed to make one change to the .htaccess file.
      1. I used the vi command to open my new .htaccess file with the VI Editor.
      2. I changed the part of the line that says RewriteBase from /new/ to simply /.
    6. Last of all I used the rm -r command to delete the /new directory.
    7. Now you and I can both enjoy a fresh, new website powered by Joomla!
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