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ABT Awareness Tour Poster Tutorial

Written by Chet King Ventures
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For the past several months I have been updating the All-Nations Bible Translation (ABT) website to promote their ABT Awareness Tour 2012. I have decided to create a tutorial detailing the steps I used to do so.

 Step 1 | Creating Event Poster Template

Step 2 | Creating Event Poster PDF

  • After the board member who was planning the trip confirmed dates and times, he sent me an email with details. I opened the poster template, changed the name of the location and updated the time, and then exported the page as a PDF. Click here to view a completed PDF.Click here to view a completed PDF.

Step 3 | Creating Event Poster PNG

  • I use Joomla! with the K2 component to develope websites. Each item in K2 has an image option. I created the poster in PNG for that image.
    • To create the PNG, I opened the PDF from Step 2 above in Inkscape. After it opened, I went to File/Export Bitmap and exported the whole page at 900 pixels wide. (The reason for such a large size was so that people could view the poster without downloading the PDF.) Click here to see a completed PNG file.
    • K2 also automatically created a thumbnail for the website. You can see the completed page at

More On This Later...

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